Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Change is Hard: Part 1 ~ Theo and the Chicago Cubs

Change is Hard: Part 1 ~ Theo and the Chicago Cubs

Whether personally or in business, change is not an easy process.
Just ask Theo Epstien(new President) and the Chicago Cubs organization.

It is hard to believe, but baseball spring training is just around the corner.  MLB teams will once again be posturing this year to reach the top ~ the World Series.  A place very unfamiliar to the Cubs...and their loyal fans.

It's no secret that the Cubs are the epitome of an organization forever stuck in neutral.

Like any organization needing change, it may appear that the answer is to look @ the obvious.  The cut that is bleeding, or the area in need of the most repair.  Hire a new manager.  Or sign a new scorer or clean up hitter.  Get new uniforms, change the logo or marketing, cut payroll...some teams and companies look for what might appear to be the quick immediate answer.

And some large organizations can't help themselves, because they are forced to live in the present.  Need to hit numbers this QTR...need to win THIS season.

But in many cases, the need for change may be much deeper than that.  It may require a more strategic look at the underlying problem...the culture and processes that drive the organization & the daily operations.

This is why Theo Epstien is here...he was hired to become the Chicago Cubs' new "Change Agent".  He was part of a like organization/situation (the Boston Red Sox), that finally got out of neutral.  Can Theo reproduce that success here?

Now the Cubs' futility is somewhat unique...however what is not unique is that real change is a process, not an event

Cutting costs, winning a few more games, hiring a new manager, signing a power hitter or getting a new account...those are all events.

Sometimes it's the fundamental changes what will bring you more long term success.  Many times the short term changes, or quick fixes, can bring about greater problems for the future.  Slashing budgets & hiring a new manager may help get you a few more "wins" this year, but keep you stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity for the next 3 years.

Reign Print Solutions can help you look at your long range communication goals.  Reaching your customers in a more relevant and meaningful way.

We are talking about laying the groundwork for sustainable success....not just a few more wins in 2013.

Coming next..."Change is Hard: Part 2 ~ What Can We Learn From Theo & The Cubs?"

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